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We know that our diets are about so much more than just the foods we eat; our relationship with food is just as emotional as it is physical. As coaches, our purpose is not to tell you what to eat and then leave you struggle on your own. Our mission is to provide the support you need to reach your current goals and to help you  develop new eating habits that will serve you in your future. We have been through the struggles and successes that are part of this journey and have the knowledge, experience, and empathy to help you through those same experiences.

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Flexible Nutrition is the method of tracking your macronutrients to help you achieve your goals, whether those goals are targeted at losing body fat, changing body composition, improving performance, or pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Flexible Nutrition takes the "good" and "bad" out of the traditional diet mentality and allows you to see the progress you want while giving you the flexibility to eat the foods you love.

Tracking your macros  helps you improve awareness of the caloric makeup of your food, and in turn helps you create positive eating habits that you can practice throughout your life. It is not just a way to lose a few quick pounds, but a long-term change that allows you to develop a healthier relationship with food while creating sustainable results.

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 There’s no one size fits all approach for a diet, and there’s also no one coaching option that’s right for everyone. Read more about different coaching options below and click through for more information about how coaching can help you meet your specific goals.


Includes a personalized macro plan based on your lifestyle and goals, weekly check ins, access to group resources, a custom meal template to help you reach your specific macro goals, and unlimited communication with your coach.

A 6-week group program that provides you with a personalized macro plan and individualized coaching, a powerful community of like-minded individuals, and content designed to teach you how to design your last (and best) diet ever.


what our clients are saying

Changing your mentality towards dieting & developing positive long-term eating habits leads to more than just physical changes. See what our clients have to say about their experience.

“My goal in working with Kate was to maintain my body weight while increasing my endurance workouts, specifically long runs. I felt properly fueled for the workouts. I never felt starved, even after 20 mile runs. The big bonus was my gym workouts improved, too. Yep, I got stronger. My body weight remained constant, though I think my body composition may have gotten a little leaner. I’ll take that as a win. Kate was super supportive throughout the process. She asked the right questions to survey where we were before making adjustments to the plan.”

jonathan, 45 years old

“For years I tried every fad diet out there and I was never able to achieve any of my goals. Kate tailored a plan around my specific goals. I have lost fat and gained lean muscle after working with her for one year. She checks in frequently to make sure her recommendations are working for me and she is gives great advice about how to plan your diet in difficult situations. I can’t recommend her enough!”

female, 43 years old

“KLN has not only educated me on what my body needs but has helped me to love my body for the first time in my life. My goals are to build muscle and increase strength. I have been counting macros for almost a year and have made SERIOUS strength gains in the gym and big changes in body composition. When I started this I weighed 155lbs. I am currently 147lbs. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but what numbers don’t tell you is the strength I have gained, the changes I have seen in my body, and the confidence I now have.”

kara, 21 years old

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