hi there, i'm kate.

In early 2014, I read about the concept of Flexible Nutrition and was immediately hooked on the idea of tracking my macros. I quickly devoured every piece of information I could find on the subject and then started working with my own nutrition coach. As I started to track my food, I realized what was actually going on with my diet and it was a complete game changer for me. I developed awareness of what I had actually been eating and found what I had been missing in my diet for so long: balance.

KLN  was created at my kitchen table in an effort to help others find that same balance. We have a team of dedicated nutrition coaches who have been through the struggles and successes that are part of this journey and have the knowledge, experience, and empathy to share what we have learned and help you through those same experiences.



Flexible Nutrition is the method of tracking your macronutrients to help you achieve your goals, whether those goals are targeted at losing body fat, changing body composition, improving performance, or pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Flexible Nutrition takes the "good" and "bad" out of the traditional diet mentality and allows you to see the progress you want while giving you the flexibility to eat the foods you love.

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Changing your mentality towards dieting & developing positive long-term eating habits leads to more than just physical changes. See what our clients have to say about their experience.



Tracking your macros can be tough at first. which is why we have a whole library of resources dedicated to making the process easier for you.

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