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When it comes to working towards specific nutrition goals, we talk a lot about creating habits and establishing a routine; unfortunately, travel can wreak havoc on our routine, leaving us feeling like we should just throw in the towel and start over again when we get back home.

It can be unrealistic to expect to hit your numbers spot on while traveling, but it is possible to still stay on track when on the go. Being diligent about your nutrition doesn't mean you have to carry a food scale around with you and say no to every treat offered. It does, however, mean there may be some compromises to make on occasion.

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I’m a “kind of” intermittent faster. What does that mean? It means that I kind of stick to a time restricted eating window but don’t stress too much about it. I find that, personally, intermittent fasting helps me control hunger throughout the day and prioritize my hydration - something I’m terrible at - and helps keep me in a good eating routine whether I’m tracking my macros or not.

Curious about what intermittent fasting even is and if it may be a helpful strategy for you? Read on!

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We know it’s not feasible for everyone to have a nutrition coach, so we created the DIY Macro Challenge to give you all the tools you need to take control of your nutrition on your own terms. The goal was not to create a quick weight loss challenge, but to provide an opportunity to challenge yourself to build the habits necessary to create long term, sustainable change and give you the tools to make those changes happen. As coaches, we found it important to follow along with the challenge and this week’s post is about sharing our experiences with you.

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As coaches, we care about goals. Like A LOT. We can’t create a nutrition game plan for you without a clear idea of what your goals are. More importantly, you won’t meet or even surpass your goals without a clear idea of what you’re working towards either.

Whether you already made a plan for the New Year or are still feeling a little lost, it’s never a bad time to take a step back and reevaluate your goals If you’re unsure of where to even begin, today’s post will help you create a clear and specific goal so you can have clear action plan to make them happen.

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Whether you’re new to tracking your macros or have been doing it for a while, some weeks can be tough and frustrating. You may feel like you’re constantly playing macro tetris and can’t figure out how to hit your numbers without pounding protein shakes or having every single meal and snack portioned out in a tupperware. Maybe you’re just feeling bored with the process and becoming a little lax with your tracking. If you’re having an off week or feeling overwhelmed as you get the hang of tracking, taking a little extra time to set yourself up for a good week can make all the difference.

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This shredded chicken is one of my go-to batch prep recipes because it is so quick and easy to make and can be prepared on Sunday to last you a whole week of meals. You can use it in salads or wraps for lunches or add it to any dinner recipe that calls for chicken.

You can find this recipe, along with 6 different dinners and lunches that use this shredded chicken as the main ingredient, in the Everyday Macros Cookbook located inside The Good Stuff.

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