This shredded chicken is one of my go-to batch prep recipes because it is so quick and easy to make and can be prepared on Sunday to last you a whole week of meals. You can use it in salads or wraps for lunches or add it to any dinner recipe that calls for chicken.

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PREP TIME:  10 minutes || COOK TIME:  6 hours || Makes 20 servings


2250g   boneless, skinless chicken breast, raw, trimmed (about 5 lbs.)

 100g   lime juice (juice from 2 large limes)

3 TBSP.   favorite chicken seasoning (Sonny Salt, Trader Joe’s Chili Lime or 21 Seasoning Salute all work great)


  • Put chicken breasts in large mixing bowl. Squeeze lime juice and add seasoning. Mix until chicken breasts are well coated.

  • Place chicken breasts in the crockpot and set to cook on low for 6 hours (or high 3-4 hours). It’s done when you can pull it apart with a fork.

    • Don’t worry about there not being any liquid in the crockpot to start out; the chicken will create its own broth as it cooks

  • Remove chicken from the crockpot and put in a large container. Using tongs or two forks  shred the meat (it should break apart very easily). Store in an airtight container in the fridge to use throughout the week.


You can find the recipe in the MyFitnessPal database by searching

“KLN Recipe Crock-Pot Shredded Chicken”

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