I absolutely LOVE hosting friends for dinner. Cooking for others is one of my favorite things to do. BUT I also understand that not everyone is like me and hosting friends or family for a meal can sometimes be stressful. This mustard maple salmon sheet pan meal is pretty easy, even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen. Try it out next time you’re hosting - it’s a yummy, stress-free dinner for 4 that you can make in just about an hour! And best part? It still fits in with your nutrition goals!

PREP TIME:  15  minutes  |  COOK TIME:  40 minutes  | MAKES: 4 servings


20oz. Keta salmon fillets* (4 x 5 oz. portions, weighed raw)
650g Butternut Squash, cubed (weighed raw)
400g Brussel sprouts, chopped (weighed raw)
150g Bacon
15g Maple syrup
60g Creole mustard
40g Coconut aminos
15g Thyme, fresh
Salt + pepper to taste

* When cooking salmon, I like to use Keta salmon, because it’s lower in fat and gives me some wiggle room in the rest of my meal for other fats. I purchase in bulk from Costco, but I know it can be found other places, too!


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Remove skin from salmon and season with salt and pepper; put aside in the refrigerator.

  3. Peel and chop butternut squash into ½” cubes and place aside in a large bowl. Remove ends from brussel sprouts and chop in half; add to bowl with butternut squash. Chop bacon into ¼” slices and add to bowl with squash and brussel sprouts.

  4. Spray chopped veggies with cooking spray (for 5 seconds) and toss with fresh thyme, salt and pepper.

  5. Line a sheet pan (13”x9”) with parchment paper or tin foil and spray with cooking oil spray (you don’t have to line the sheet pan, but it makes for easier clean-up!). Spread veggie mixture on the sheet pan and roast for 25 minutes.

  6. In a small mixing bowl, combine the maple syrup, mustard and coconut aminos.

  7. Add salmon portions to the sheet pan and cover salmon with the sauce mixture. Continue baking for 15 minutes, or until salmon is done and veggies are cooked through.

  8. Separate sheet pan meal equally on two plates and enjoy!


You can find the recipe in the MyFitnessPal database by searching:
“KLN Recipe: Mustard Maple Salmon”.

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