Today I’m sharing three of my favorite macro-friendly items that I can’t live without. First: my favorite way for getting in a little extra protein, second: one of the most versatile snacks in my pantry, and third: a current favorite macro-friendly sweet treat.


11P | 0F | 0C per 100g serving (about ½ cup)

Egg whites are a staple on my grocery list; I always have at least one carton plus a back up in the fridge at all times. Consuming a lot of protein throughout the day can be tough, but not when you have egg whites! They are essentially a tasteless, liquid protein, (I feel like they should actually be named liquid gold), so they are great to have on hand any time you need to add a little extra protein to your meal.

Some easy ways to incorporate them into your meals is to substitute egg whites anytime you would use eggs (in scrambles, omelettes, casseroles and even baking recipes). I most frequently add them to my oatmeal (check out this recipe to see how!), which not only adds protein, but also adds more volume.


1P | 0F | 8C per 1 cake

If you’re a snacker like me, rice cakes will become your new best friend. Even though there are lots of fun flavors out there, I actually eat the plain, lightly salted kind most often. Rice cakes are a great substitute for bread in regards to macros and are my go-to anytime I need something to munch on.

Some ways to enjoy your rice cakes:

PB & J | (my personal fave!) spread 8g of peanut butter followed by 10g of jelly or jam for a crunchy PB&J snack (3P/4F/14C depending on what kind of PB & J you use)

DELI STYLE | top with your favorite deli meat, chicken salad or tuna salad, and lettuce and tomato and your favorite condiment

CRACKER | use a rice cake like a very large cracker and top with your favorite spread, like hummus (try this with the tomato basil flavored rice cake!) or a mini laughing cow cheese wedge.


2P | 6F | 18C per 1 banana

This item is not on my list just because of the name - if y’all know me, you know that I have a very large sweet tooth and mainly for ice cream-type treats. However, I am also lactose-intolerant, so I’m always on the hunt for a frozen treat that doesn’t bother my tummy and has workable macros. These little banana treats are simply just a half of a banana dipped in dark chocolate, so they work perfectly for me and my sweet tooth cravings. If you have a few extra grams of fat to spare, spread some peanut butter on them for added goodness! I usually pick them up at Sprouts.

Let us know if you give any of these a try! We’d also love to hear YOUR macro-friendly favorites - share with us in the comments!