Tips & tricks to help you stick to your nutrition this week

My childhood Halloween memories that stand out most are dumping out my bag of candy and eating myself sick year after year. As I got older, I took the approach of “just don’t have a single piece of candy this year” as a strategy to get through the halloween week without feeling miserable and guilty after. If you’re like me and have a MAJOR weakness for all forms of candy, Halloween can be a tough holiday to get through without either completely overdoing it or getting grumpy because you’re restricting yourself from treats you love.

But guess what, it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can have some candy without ruining your day, and you can enjoy the holiday without feeling guilty the rest of the week. Below are a few of our best tips to help you navigate trick-or-treating, office treats, and Halloween parties with friends.


A trigger food is a specific food that may cause us to overindulge, feel out of control, or cause us to binge eat. If you know a certain candy is a trigger for you, don’t buy it! If chocolate sets you off, go for Swedish Fish and Mike and Ikes instead. If sugar is your weakness, get some chocolate! If you don’t feel like you can have any candy in your house, find an alternative treat to pass out. (Fun fact: Growing up, there was an older lady in my neighborhood who gave out a walnut each year. My sister and I always had so much candy that we were most excited about the walnut each year because we got to break out our nut crackers and it was something different which made it more fun).


Start your Halloween day by picking the candy you want to have and tracking them in your tracking app. Once you have accounted for the candy, work backwards and plan out the rest of your day accordingly. This can help you fill your day with nutrient dense foods that will keep you full while still leaving you with room to enjoy your treats. It will also help you stay accountable to yourself and stick to the treats you have planned out without adding in any last-minute candy.


Once you have finished handing out candy, get rid of the leftovers! Give the rest to your last trick-or-treater, donate it, or toss it in the trash if you feel like you shouldn’t keep it at home. If you do save some leftovers, keep it all out of sight. Place it in a grocery bag on the top shelf of the pantry, in the back of a cabinet, or in a closet so that it’s not a huge temptation that you see every time you walk into the kitchen.


Whether you’re going to a party or just handing out candy at home, have a game plan. Tracking your treats ahead of time can help you make your game plan, and setting some rules for yourself can help you stick to it.

If you know there will be tempting treats at the office, set some rules for how you will handle your day. That may mean packing your own macro-friendly foods for the day and leaving room for one treat, or it may mean avoiding the break room completely. If you have the flexibility to enjoy some office treats, make a plan for how many you will have and try to bring your own alternative treats to share as well. If you’re going to a Halloween party, you may want to ditch the candy completely and save up for drinks and food instead. Party food and a drink or two will already add a lot of extra calories to your day, so snacking on candy on top of that may cause you to overindulge quite a bit. Whatever rules you set for yourself, just do your best to stick to them.

The most important thing to remember is to not beat yourself up if things don’t go as planned. We will have many imperfect days, and the best thing to do is to shake it off, drink some water, and make the next day better.

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