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A few weeks ago, I asked both current and past clients in my Facebook group the following question: If you could give one piece of advice to those who are new to tracking macros, what would it be?

The responses received and conversation that followed were so very valuable. Those with months (or even years) of experience were able to share their insight into what has worked for them, and those new to tracking were able to glean some new advice and share what has been helpful to them so far. Today I wanted to share a few of those tips with you!

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I’m a “kind of” intermittent faster. What does that mean? It means that I kind of stick to a time restricted eating window but don’t stress too much about it. I find that, personally, intermittent fasting helps me control hunger throughout the day and prioritize my hydration - something I’m terrible at - and helps keep me in a good eating routine whether I’m tracking my macros or not.

Curious about what intermittent fasting even is and if it may be a helpful strategy for you? Read on!

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